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Chapter 1035 – Surrender call gorgeous
“Does it issue who I am? Time waits for no-one. You merely have 59 a matter of minutes remaining.” Zhou Wen searched at that time once again.
“110 collections,” Tang Zhizhong clarified.
Following receiving w.a.n.g Lu’s meaning, Zhou Wen thought to Tang Zhizhong, “Uncle Tang, bring in the s.p.a.ce meets over. I make sure the fact that bureau will take them.”
“Haven’t you always wanted to arrest me? I’m here to surrender me.” Zhou Wen long his palms as though he was ready to get handcuffed.
“Please wait. It won’t have 60 minutes. I’ll get someone to produce them in around 30 minutes.” Tang Zhizhong also knew there was virtually no possibility of accomplishment exploring the bureau to request cash. He was just creating an attempt.
Tang Zhizhong also attained the other company’s s.p.a.ce suits to do a comparison check. He discovered that their s.p.a.ce satisfies ended up not just like his company’s, which created Tang Zhizhong quite angry.
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Tang Zhizhong also acquired the other company’s s.p.a.ce suits to accomplish an evaluation evaluation. He discovered that their s.p.a.ce meets were definitely not as well as his company’s, which designed Tang Zhizhong extremely upset.
“You should know about well that it’s not possible for those bureau for taking receipt of your s.p.a.ce satisfy. If you feel me, there will still be a possibility. In case you don’t trust me, there won’t be described as a possibility whatsoever.” Zhou Wen appeared back then on his cell phone. “I’ll supply you with sixty minutes. Whenever you can send the s.p.a.ce suits above, I guarantee which the bureau can take receipt of them and pay out consequently. The idea is always that I have got to check out those s.p.a.ce matches with my very own eye.”
“Are… Do you find yourself really serious?” Tang Zhizhong investigated Zhou Wen in disbelief. Zhou Wen was younger, and then he was clearly not just a area. It was subsequently difficult for him to believe that Zhou Wen had these types of good power.
Sky Pa.s.s was generally known as the top pa.s.s on the planet. It was actually a really popular and unfamiliar dimensional sector inside the Imperial Investment capital.
“Where are the ones s.p.a.ce suits now?” Zhou Wen asked since he delivered a message to w.a.n.g Lu, questioning her to help you check out Tang Zhizhong’s company.
“Please put it off. It won’t bring 60 minutes. I’ll get anyone to present them in 30 minutes.” Tang Zhizhong also realized there was virtually no possibility of good results seeing the bureau to ask about for income. He was just creating a shot.
“May I do know whom you are?” Tang Zhizhong investigated Zhou Wen in big surprise.
There weren’t quite a few modern technology businesses at present, and it was very difficult so that they can live. Tang Zhizhong arrived now while he hoped how the bureau might take invoice in the set of s.p.a.ce suits depending on the agreement. It didn’t matter once they quit the associates.h.i.+p at some point.
Tang Zhizhong was already dumbfounded. Just a deceive could tell that Zhou Wen really was a needed felony in the bureau, but just how could a wanted felony be so risky as to surrender themselves?
Normal area gateways exposed on both ends outwards, though the city gates here didn’t have two panes. They appeared like they had been one particular ent.i.ty with no gaps.

“How prolonged can your company’s s.p.a.ce accommodates very last in s.p.a.ce?” Zhou Wen inquired.
It wasn’t well known because besides the individuals the bureau, very few folks could key in Sky Pa.s.s. Only a few persons recognized what was inside.
Tang Zhizhong been curious about if Zhou Wen was Shen Yuchi’s son. Or else, how could he get the bureau to so easily bring sales receipt of his s.p.a.ce fits?
And the one that uncovered this method was the bureau’s director-normal, Shen Yuchi. For that reason, this position down the road had become the bureau’s head office.
Tang Zhizhong made a simply call and contacted his personnel for getting those to give the s.p.a.ce accommodates in excess of right away.
Up to now, the area gateways of Heavens Pa.s.s experienced never opened up.

To his astonish, Zhou Wen stated, “Director-General Shen plus the bureau are wanting to arrest me for some time. My arrest warrant should always be dangling on Director-Standard Shen’s wall membrane, I guess?”
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And the one who discovered this technique was the bureau’s director-basic, Shen Yuchi. Consequently, this location later took over as the bureau’s headquarters.
“How quite a few s.p.a.ce satisfies have the bureau order of you?” Zhou Wen required.
“You should know very well that it’s out of the question for those bureau to consider sales receipt of your own s.p.a.ce satisfy. If you think maybe me, there will still be a possibility. For those who don’t trust me, there won’t be considered a opportunity in any respect.” Zhou Wen searched during the time on his telephone. “I’ll give you 60 minutes. Whenever you can give the s.p.a.ce fits more than, I guarantee how the bureau takes receipt of them and pay out consequently. The principle is I have to check out those s.p.a.ce meets with my personal view.”
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It wasn’t popular because apart from the people in the bureau, very few folks could get into Skies Pa.s.s. Very few men and women was aware that which was in.
There weren’t lots of technological innovation businesses today, and yes it was extremely tough for them to live. Tang Zhizhong came up this time as he hoped that the bureau could take invoice in the batch of s.p.a.ce accommodates as reported by the arrangement. It didn’t matter should they ended the spouses.h.i.+p in the future.
Tang Zhizhong was overjoyed when he heard that. “That’s good. Our group is preserved. Sir, what’s your own name? What’s your relationships.h.i.+p with Director-Basic Shen? Are you his comparative?”
Section 1035: Surrender
“It’s having more complicated and more challenging for technology companies currently. Basically If I can journey through this ordeal, I am prepared to special over the organization. There’s no future when i keep on. Regardless if I don’t go bankrupt now, it is going to eventually take place down the road. Teenagers today only want to key in a dimensional zone to receive Mate Beasts. No one’s goal is always to investigate the universe,” Tang Zhizhong explained having a sigh.
“May I do know who you really are?” Tang Zhizhong investigated Zhou Wen in amaze.

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