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The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage

NovelThe Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind MarriageThe Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage
Chapter 1260 – Isn“t That Gu Jingze? feeble beef
“Why would you must listen to of that particular?”
“Ahhh… fine, I understand him. KG discussed earlier which he needs to be a skilled and encountered identity in this discipline. His procedures are incredibly unique…”
KG mentioned, “I penetrated the Gu Industries’ system formerly, but was moved back. I only mastered to offer the opportunity to go in and have a look right after I bought some help from a number of people to invade it alongside one another. Having said that, I didn’t get to go too deep inside. I have ascertained that the gentleman will be the friends and family mind, Gu Jingze.”
“Do you believe we are blind?” Uneven Neck reported, “Didn’t we have seen him the other day?”
KG’s sight narrowed. “That’s him.”
KG still sat there, consuming his meal.
Lin Che smiled, “You’re overthinking factors. Paparazzi aren’t that omnipotent. They’re still a considerable way away from from to be able to shadow me.”

Uneven Throat acquired witnessed as KG invaded the Gu Industries’ program, and read what Chen Hui acquired stated on how strong the Gu Industrial sectors was. As a result, they wanted to get in and take a glance. KG only had been able invade it for any small second, but was ended by a lot of hurdles. It wasn’t so easy to get accessibility. He only had been able obtain a screenshot of Gu Jingze’s image and showed it to Uneven The neck and throat.
She mentioned, “They are directly attached to the police officers confirming technique, and also have very strong safeguarding. It is not much like the safeguard solutions that common functions to fend off online hackers. In the event you guys were able to grab anything immediately after getting into, some thing will be incorrect.”
But did KG genuinely have these types of sentiments on her?
“Invaded?” Lin Che was struck with a believed and she immediately reacted. “You’ve invaded within the Gu Industries’ process prior to?”
“KG was the individual who penetrated in. He didn’t explore too many destinations, only require a very simple search.”
Crooked The neck and throat searched outside in disbelief.
Uneven The neck and throat was so shocked which it sensed as though his jaws were actually likely to lower out of. “How is always that achievable? Why haven’t I read about that right before?”
Crooked The neck and throat investigated this gentleman, amazed.
“Is that so? Then KG is in fact quite awesome.” Lin Che held affection for him. Qin Hao obtained described often that the system’s firewall could fend off of 100% with the intruders. But seeing that KG could still get into, he was pretty wonderful.
Lin Che spotted her cell phone rang and rapidly reported, “Alright, my spouse is here to select me up.”
Uneven The neck and throat claimed, “That’s of course. He’s our leader.”
The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage
Crooked Neck area checked out this dude, surprised.
Moreover, people were viewed as trusted persons now. She wasn’t concerned that they’d snap their mouths off to other people.
“Huh?” Lin Che checked out Crooked Neck in big surprise. “What do you imply?”
Crooked Neck area drew in better, stuttering a little bit from agitation. “Sister Che, you can’t be of this nature. You can’t just express that you’re already hitched simply because you would like to reject our KG. For those who obtained married… the whole planet would know about it. You are so famous… there are several paparazzi.”
Darwin’s Island
She idea of how Li Mingyu acquired introduced this up to her well before in those days, but Lin Che hadn’t considered it truly.
Hi there, he appearance somewhat familiar.
Uneven Neck area followed her out and saw that a team of folks was holding out outside for Lin Che.
Uneven Throat explained, “What you think, Sister Che? You… can’t often be sensation self conscious, ideal? Hehe, we’re all so near. If there’s a single thing you wish to say, just say it. Why are you feeling the need to be reluctant?”
Additionally, these folks were thought of trusted individuals now. She wasn’t concerned that they’d capture their mouths away and off to many people.
Crooked Neck explained, “We didn’t know. But we required a style when our manager invaded their process a few days ago.”
The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage
1260 Isn“t That Gu Jingze?
Hi, he appears to be a bit common.
“Do you believe we’re blind?” Crooked The neck and throat stated, “Didn’t we see him yesterday?”
Lin Che didn’t brain. She thought to him, “Come then.”
Uneven Throat was amazed, not able to respond to what she was declaring.

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